December 2018


Cotton Club Diaper Service is a professional laundry in Northern California, who rents cotton diapers to families of infants, hospital nurseries, and day care centers.

Cotton Club Diaper Service delivers clean diapers, and picks up the soiled diapers on a weekly basis, and launders them, using professional equipment, and specially developed laundering formula.

We launder diapers to rigorous public-health standards that you couldn’t possibly match at home.

Cotton Club Diaper Service offers a special pail, with a professional quality deodorant, and a heavyweight plastic bag/liner for the pail.

The following are step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process of starting service.

Call Cotton Club Diaper Service at 530-893-BABY or Email us at,  and a customer service representative will answer any questions you might have such as:

How many diapers should I order per week?
What size diapers would be best for my baby?
What time of day will my diapers be delivered?
How do I fold the diapers?
What much is the cost and when will the bill come?

While on the phone you can schedule your prebirth delivery. For your convenience, we normally bring your first delivery of diapers a couple of weeks before your due date. That way you have diapers at home ready to use.

Contact us when you need more diapers and are ready to begin the regular service.

Sign up for service today by calling: 530-893-BABY.

Start Using Our Cotton Diapers
Enjoy your baby and let us handle the diaper laundry!

New Customers Only!
We are currently only taking orders for newborns in the Chico, Paradise area.


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